EAS Engineering, Inc. is an environmental engineering firm located in South Florida specializing in Wetland Permitting (Marine and Freshwater) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Environmental Permitting and Wetland Restoration

Coastal and freshwater wetland areas

Wetland regulatory permitting Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP) - State of Florida - (combined dredge & fill and surface water management)

Federal (Corps) & local wetland permitting

Site selection and Alternatives analysis

Feasibility studies and Site planning

Groundwater Modeling

Mitigation design & monitoring

Benthic & hydrographic surveys

Freshwater wetland assessments

Mangrove boardwalk


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications

Covertype mapping

Satellite image processing

Site analysis

Map preparation

Drone Photagraphy and video


GIS layers for analysis

Marine or Coastal

Dock, Seawalls, Marina Layout & Permitting

Submerged Land lease

Benthic (Seagrass) Surveys 

Mangrove Trimming


Haulover Marina